Some of my friends came over to watch the UFC fight tonight. I realize that I actually like a lot of different type of sports, especially if they have really good commentary. The reason I watched it was because I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast. I love how excited and how he explores random things so it is interesting.

It is better than this other podcast I was listening to, when a comedian didn’t really have an interesting sounding voice, like NPR.

The fights were pretty good except for the last one between rousey and mcmann. Mostly because that last fight really just seemed to be Rousey getting the upper hand and then beating mcmann easily. Mostly because of the kidney punch which really injured here. That is when Edris told me how painful a kidney punch is. It takes away your breath, and hard to move, causes a lot of pain.

We ate a lot of chicken and salad and food that night.

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