sore arms

i woke up today, and had to roll around to get out of bed. I had a hard time moving my sore arms backwards to lift myself off my bed. So i rolled off. I can’t bend my arms straight. But what really hurts is trying to put on my backpack. It’s hard for me to bend my arms and go backwards. Well, this morning was a really nice day. I saw vir on my way to class, and i wasn’t that sleepy. I think i’m getting a lot more sleep then other people, becuase when i walk around i see a lot of bags under people’s eyes. They need more sleep. I just tried calling vinesh to wake him up. That dude. Never wakes up.


i walked

in hte afternoon. I was leaving my statics class. Then my friend said. Did you know today is pay day. I didn’t know that. So i went with him. And we got our paychecks from the school.

I then left for my room, to finish copying up the notes i had borrowed. So i got the notes and when i was finished i walked back to my friends room. When i got there, i saw that the cleaning people were there. So i just waltzed in. The cleaning ladies must have thought i lived there, beucase i just walked in so casually. I couldn’t find Jeff. So I just left the notebook on the tablle and left.

I then decided to go deposit my check at the bank. I decided to not take the bus and ask my friend. So i walked across campus for 15 minutes and arrived at his apt. But i thought, hmm, i shouldn’t bother marc. So i didn’t go to his room, and I walked across the street to Ivan, Gabe, Arthurt Gary’s apt. I went to the 2nd floor and forgot which room was theres. So i was peeking through the windows looking to see which room had a tv and a kitchen to the right. And i found their room. I knocked but nobody answered the door, so i took the priviledge to open the door for them, and walked in. Nobody was in the living room, so i think one of them was sleeping in the back. So i let them be, and I walked out.

I decided that I should get some exercise. So i started walking down california street. I took some turns, and then started walking up a hill. It was really tiring. And i knew i was going straight. But i wasn’t sure what direction i was going. So i walked, thinking i was getting closer to downtown. I walked on this street for 15 minutes. I got to the other end, where i saw a big intersection. I was confused, becuase i didn’t know where to go next. I looked up and saw the street “Grant Ave”, and it seemed familiar to me. So i opened my bus map and looked for that street. But i couldn’t see it. So i jsut stood there looking around. Then it suddenly hit me. I was at the street that lead to the dorms. So i had walked parallel to the school, and had not gotten any closer to downtown.

Eventaully i walked all the way to downtown in 20 minutes. It wasn’t that far. I went to the bank, depositied my money, and then went to “the parable”. I bought a book and a Chris Tomlin CD there.

Then i had a calzone at some resturant. It was really good. It was chicken ranch i believe. With onions, bacon, and some other good stuff. It was really filling. At first it was really nice, eating there because there weren’t that many people. It was reminding me a lot of berkeley. Then, the atmosphere got ruined. Beucase all of a sudden there were at least 10 high schoolers there. I kept on thinking. It’s just like pleasanton with the invasion of middle schoolers, and high schoolers at the Regal. I’m not sure, but i think the girls were checking me out. and talking really loud.

Then I took the bus back, and my bus driver was thsi crazy female driver. I think she hit the curb once, and she has a need for speed, beucase i could hear the bus’s engine just go turbo charge. And really bumpy. I’ll call her the goldilocks driver. Becuase she had blond hair, in bands, and looked really young. Mid 20’s. She also missed someone’s requested stop. Haha, i was chuckling on the inside, becuase i saw the guy, and he faced seemed to be saying “huh, what happened?, why didn’t she stop.” It wasn’t a bad day at all. I need to study still.

Yikes, i’m late for AACF. I think i’ll get there by 7:50.

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