Today was going to be a nice slow day for me. I promised my sister i would wake up at 7:00 am to go play basketball with her. She wants to play basketball before the sun comes up. So I first wake up at 6:15am, and i feel very tired so i close my eyes and continue sleeping. I then wake up at 7:00am, because my alarm is ringing. So i stay there in my bed looking up. I then thought to myself. If my sister really wants to go play ball she will be in my room within 5 minutes. So i just keep my eyes open, and because she didn’t come into the room. I go back to sleep.

Around the morning i just sat around and listened to Gary Radnich. Having your own radio show is like blogging through the airwaves, and you get real time comments from people. Gary Radnich is the man, i don’t know how, but he seems to have a bit of knowledge about everything. He starts giving out knowlegde about a baseball game in 1936. And then he says stuff like “Stop calling my brother, because if you were my real brother you would give me some money.” And everytime a caller says “how are you doing Gary.”. He comes with the reply “I woke up on the wrong side of bed, had people yelling at me, and i’m barely hanging on” =). That always gets me, Radnich is so straigh forward. The best part was that at the end of hte show, a man calls in to wish Gary a happy friday. Then Gary goes on a little rant and says “that is all you want to say, that i have a happy friday. What if i don’t want to have a happy friday, don’t you tell me how to live my friday”. I was cracking up so much. It was just plain hilarious. Tom Tolbert is almost as funny, but he doesn’t say as much as radnich does.

Okay, now for the cool part of the day. I’m sitting up there in my room listening to the Rick BArry show and conal just pops up out of no where and asks me to go film. So i go out and film with him and stephanie. Conal has to turn in his project by monday so he needed us to work on it. So i looked at his script and it was the script where there is a guy sitting on a bench and his ex-girlfriend comes up and talks. Then you find out how this guy is very arrogant and that is why he and her broke up. It was a nice script. I had some problems saying my lines because Conal’s lines don’t really make sense sometimes. You know how, as you talk, you say things in a certain way. How a a sentence sounds better said this way, and written this way. That’s how it is with some of the lines. They make sense when you read it, but when you say the line, it doesn’t make as much sense. That threw me off for several of hte lines, becuase i knew the crux of hte line but i forgot the lines he used to tranisition between the lines. Also, the wind was very loud for some parts. But I believe that we have enough footage that he will be able to find shots where he can hear us. We filmed in the palmares park, in the back corner where the eating benches are. So there i am lying on the bench, staring at the sky. That’s how the film starts out. And we film for 3 hours on that bench, my butt was really sore after all that sitting up for at least one straight hour. Then i saw the footage of the film. It was really nice. The sun and the shade made really nice color texture on our faces. Stephanie’s face had really nice glow to it, my face didn’t have as much glow, but i still had some nice light to it. Once we finish editing the film, I will upload it to our(filming groups) webpage.

Then I came back and did my chores. I went into the kitchen and mopped the kitchen floor. I used bleach adn some orange flavored smelly stuff also. The floor looked really nice after, and had a nice orange smell. I think my favorite smell, is the smell of trees. I like the pine, lemon scent.

As i was mopping edris called me. And was telling me how his car is a smoke mobile. He said that when he started his car, smoke would come out from the engine. Then he would say how his parents didn’t know what was wrong. Then i was thinking about it. And all i could think of was that maybe the piston rings were worn out. That would cause the oil to leak from the piston into the engine and cause it to be ignited and burned into smoke. I thought that was what was wrong. So i will not find out, until Edris drives to my house later tonight.

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