So at work today, I did all the program installing and fixing. For the past weeks, I have had to use Todd’s computer to do CAD drawing. So I had to wait until he went out on his inspection work, which is usually from 10-3. Then I leave his computer when he comes back. Eventually, we got the cd today, and after an hour of tinkering around I got the network to get the install files and everything to work. When it wasn’t working, i was doing donald duck noises, but when i got it to work i started jumping for joy. Ed the retired guy just looked at me and went back to work.

Then I went shopping for my sister’s birthday present. So I went to stoneridge, and when I go shopping, I’m like a football coach. I map out my route, and find the quickest way in and out. So I hit up radio shack (for myself) and then two other shops that were girly. I don’t want to say just in case my sister reads my xanga and finds out what I got her. Then I have some hand made crafts in there also.

I still don’t like shopping at the mall. =)

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