That was a useless title. But today, I got to kind of do dirty work. I got to watch people fix a sewage pipe. I only watched them for 5 minutes, but it was all i needed to see. Becuase not much really happens when you fix a sewer. Just dig a big hole, pump the sewage around. There was a giant crack in one of the pipes, so we could see inside. The engineer who was doing the inspection was telling me stuff about the sewer. We saw several turds, some toilet/tissue paper, and could tell someone was washing their clothes, because of the soapy water.

Then I had to go back to do my stuff. And I wish i could have gone back later, because the engineer told me that the people who were working on it, built it backwards. With the slope going the wrong way.

I didn’t get a sunburn from yesterday, so i’m happy about that. But I found some bruises on my body, that I didn’t know I even got. I just see little green/purple spots on me. Must have been when Ben said he elbowed me, but I don’t remember getting elbowed at all, or I just don’t feel it.

I still have 7 more days to figure out what to get my sister for her birthday. I ask some friends what I should get her, so I think i’ll do something. Still not really sure what, but I want to make sure that it looks like I bleed trying to make it. And I’m going to call sweat “bleeding water” from now on.

Now I want to get myself tanner, but I don’t want to go into the sun. So I’m going to stick with my pale look, or as they would say the vampire look. With the layers upon layers of sunblock on.

I wonder, if I only wrote one entry every few months would I actually get more comments then I get in one month. Vinesh can account to it, I think i went 6 months without a comment on my livejournal. Why? I don’t know, maybe I just write so much that after reading it you go “whoa”, and need to think about it all night to come back with a good response. But by then, I have a new entry up.

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