Sherri’s Birthday Outing

A fun tapestry

To celebrate Sherri’s Birthday, I took her to see her favorite things, textile. (What made it better was that half the places were free due to the library ‘Discover and Go’)The trip ended up with me taking her to the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textile, then we went to the San Jose Modern Museum, and then checking out Christmas at the park.

We arrived in San Jose, and ended up at the Museum of Quilts and Textile, that building is not that big, because fabrics don’t really take that much space. I would say the place had 4-5 midsized rooms. They were having an exhibit showing the evolution of fabric.

Birthday girl with a beautiful tapestry.
My favorite quilt, I love the color of the fire in the fabric.
These quilts are so large, must have taken a long time to make.

When I see all the quits on the wall, I can’t help but imagine how hard it is to make your shapes line up and not start to slant. Especially since this is fabric and it stretches and is easy to not make straight. I imagine all these quilts take a year to make, or at least 500 hours.

This quilt is suppose to show the apartments of new york, an 80’s style design.
Beautiful colors

Looking at quilts it make me think about how hard it is to find the right color and dye. There are so many different colors to choose from, and there is also different textures. Currently, I have been trying to find the right feeling t-shirt. The softest black t-shirt i can find, and it is hard. When I look at the material on the tags, 2 t-shirts might have the same material ,but they feel totally different. Bringing it back, I just am amazed how hard it must be to make quilts, because you have to look at texture/feel and color.

A little push cart with tiny houses on it.
Front of the textile museum

Overall, I would say this was a very beautifully designed museum, Sherri loved it a lot. I found the museum to be very well curated, and it is a pretty quick museum to explore. I think you could explore it in 30 to 45 mins, if you are reading everything. Only thing that sucks about museums, is that you can’t touch the fabirc. I really wanted to see how soft these quilts were. I found the exhibit showing the evolution of quilting to be interesting. Someone has to walk first so the next person can run.

After the museum, we ate lunch in the car and drove over to the San Jose Museum of Modern Art. The one thing that I had to keep on remembering was that Sherri was always eating a lot, so we ended up getting a sandwich at the museum. There is not much to talk about at the museum, because the stuff and subjects they had did not really interest me. It was a lot of photographs of just people. I understood what they were trying to get at, but I guess to me exploring how pictures in black and white capturing the lives of people does not appeal to me.

After that, I sherri and I walked around through the San Jose Christmas in the park. It is always a very lovely place to walk around, with covid starting to lighten up, it was fairly busy, but I think there were a lot of empty christmas trees, and they were not as well decorated as in the past. A lot of schools must have been online because their decorations were mostly the kid’s faces.

I think today was one of the nicer days with my wife, we were able to do something outside that is maternity friendly.

I had planned on a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant, but we went through Christmas in the park too fast, and were really pooped out. So I didn’t want to wait the 1 hour until the restaurant opened. We ended up having dinner on our way back home at Lazy Dog.

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