Puerto Vallarta Vacation (Part 2 of 2)

Enjoying the warm weather and sun with my babe.

After that great night of watching the rhythm of the night, sherri and I still had a couple more fun things that we planned to do. But before we could continue for the trip we had to get covid tested for our trip back. We had to do the original covid test where they stuck the swab up our nose. That swab was painful, my nose stung for a good several minutes trying to wait for the effects to wear off.

One of the things we did in puerto vallarta was take a city bus tour. It was actually a really great tour where we went though all of the old town and saw all the things in the city. The one thing that is interesting about the city is that all the streets are kind of cobbled. So the drive is a little bumpy downtown.

A Glass Store

We went to a glass blown/ceramic shop, and they have some beautiful mugs, plates, and glass. Really inspires me to want to do clay making again. After seeing the glass shop, we ended up tasting tequila, and then we ended up looking at the local church. The downtown square and church was a very nice spot to just sit around and people watch.

Then we ended the trip eating some of the best seafood in puerto vallarta. 🙂 Here is a breakdown of the most interesting things we learned on the trip.

  • The best catholic joke: In puerto vallarta 90% of the people are catholic, the other 10% are priests and nuns.
  • We were driven through the part of puerto vallarta where all the locals lived
  • The location where we stayed Puerto Nuevalla is not actually part of Puerto Vallarta, it is just a beach resort north. So our driver recommended that we stay in downtown next time we went down.

Overall, I considered the trip a great success, Sherri and I were able to get out and travel after being locked down for almost a year and a half. It gave us a lot of great memories, and we also got to show off our bodies after all that hard work we did for eating low carb. I think my favorite part of the trip was just walking on the beach everyday, and just laying around thinking about how our lives will be great once the kid arrives.

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