Saturday wiped me out


Today was the church picnic. Since it was put on by the chinese congregation, I decided that would i would come in late. It started at 10am, but I arrived at the picnic site at 11:30am.


What happens when I arrive at 11:30am? They have not cooked the chicken yet. So they recruit me and Doug (who happened to arrive at the same time) to cook the chicken. It was like i was in college again working in the grill room. I was the wrong height and in the wrong location. The wind was blowing downwind towards me, and my pants were at the same level as the opening as the grill. So my pants were so hot after 10 minutes, I think my zipper was melting.


I left the church picnic earlier around 1pm to go to parkour class. So I stayed at chruch picnic from 11:30 to 1pm. I was cooking from 11:30-12:45.

Anyways, this was my first day of parkour. It was really interesting. I did some semi flip, and a lot of rolls. It was interesting all the footwork and technique that was required.

So the image below. I jumped onto the green bin then i jumped and rolled/flip over the blue wall. It was pretty interesting the first few times because I didn’t get a really clean rotation, however the teacher was really nice and showed us how to do it correctly.


Then I made it out to SF after hitting up a coffee shop in emeryville.

Saw this interesting colored house.


I got to SF slightly early, so I went to a bar and I drank by myself. It was really boring until this cool guy ended sitting next to me and he was drinking the same beer (Moose Drool). So I talked to him found out he worked really close, and met a couple of his friends (that came 45 minutes later). Interesting meeting him.

Finally, I made it to the concert Megan Sklandard, The Matt Project and Acadia. They were at Cafe Du Nord. Saw the bouncer that I made friends with last time there, named Herbs. Nice guy.


So the main event was megan slankard. Which i think 70% of the people were there for her, she was the number 2 act. I felt sorry for the act after her, because they came on at 12 and a lot of people were leaving.


As for this concert, I didn’t bring anyone so I essentially had to eat my 2nd ticket. It wasn’t too bad, I made a couple friends just standing around. Tom, Reggie, and Sarah. Reggie Ginn is an aspiring artist (she has the same last name of the president of my company so i asked if they were related. =] ). I just randomly talked to her and found out she was my age, went to UC Davis, and other interesting things about her. So we also played pool (I was on her team), and her friend, and Tom were on the other. I had too many beers so I could barely hit things straight.

The most interesting thing of the night was that I found out that Tom was the older brother of megan slankard. So I met a lot of people that night that kind of knew each other. Then I made it home big mac later.

Goodnight, i’m really tired.

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