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What sucks from doing parkour, I used muscle I never used before. So when I had father’s day dinner at my grandparents house yesterday… I ended up falling asleep on one of my grandma’s bed. Haha, becuase of that, I guess everybody wondered where i went, I had actually just gone to lay down on one of her beds because my back muscles were really really sore. I think I can only do parkour 1 or 2x a week, with a lot of a “healing” time. Its like playing football, my body feels like it got wrecked.


My dad holding my cousin Allie. She is so cute she was just running around and looking at things carefully. ONly words she could really say was mama. So she said that to me. =)


Today, edris, vinesh and I went out to eat dinner in downtown pleasanton. =) If you ever imagined what America would look like, I would say pleasanton would be the prime example. It was so hot we decided to eat outside at an italian restaurant. Since Edris is so “posh”, hahaa, he was living in St. Louis, so he ate well just because everything was much cheaper there, he was describing the food level to me. Hahahaha.

We were watching some international music video awards later at night on fuse tv. It was so funny because we didn’t know half the bands, then we figured out why. They were from canada. =)

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