Saturday is raining

Today is a very gloomy day, its been raining. My roommate is at a retreat with his home church. So he said its going to be raining really hard there. And I was watching the news, and it has been raining 29 straight days in Seattle. And one of my classmates is from Seattle, and I saw him during acoustics class. And he told me how his parents usually take a trip down to Mexico during this time of the year, because they want to see some sun.

My freshman roommate wanted us to go get the Domino’s seven,seven,seven deal. And when I looked at the paper it said medium pizza with unlimited toppings. But my freshman roommate kept on telling me, and my other roommate that the deal also worked for large one topping pizza. So my roommate who lives in the cave and the freshman kept on debating which one is better. The freshman only likes pepperoni so he wanted a large with one topping, and the other roommate wanted toppings. So eventually we setting on quality. So my roommate call Dominos and asks him about the deal. And there is a guy there who says there actually is no 7,7,7 deal for large and one topping, but he says he could do it for us. Anyways, my roommate says “lets call you back, because we don’t know what toppings”.
Then my roommate calls back 3 minutes later, and a female voice picks up, and they won’t give us the deal. So eventually, after calling again, we go and do the medium pizza with unlimited toppings. IT took us a while.

My thermo teacher scares me, because he has a really scary laugh. And he likes to give us tricky questions on the quiz. Yesterday, we had a quiz, and there were 2 minutes before class started. And almost everyone was in except for 2 guys. So these 2 guys come in and sit down, and one guy wants to go to hte restroom. And the teacher says there is no time, so the guy says “I’m going to have a pool of water back here”. The teacher just laughs, and goes and tells a story. He talks about how he had this one student who he really scared. The guy had been skateboarding barefooted or something, and cut his foot. So the guy walks into class with a shirt wrapped around his leg, that was soaked with blood. And he was leaving a pile of blood as he walked in. And Prof Gordon told him to go to the health center, but the guy said “No, I’m going to take the test”. So Gordon let him take the test, but a litte later. Some people from campus police came by, and dragged the guy to the health center, because somebody called about blood that was going down a hall”.

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