I think I stood my friend up. He was going to have a BBQ today, and he was going to pick me up. I didn’t know he was going to come to my house at 2:00pm. Because I was studying at my friends house, and walking back to my place. I got back at around 2:05. And i think my friend had left. I thought he said he would be back at around 2:30pm. And I couldn’t get a hold of him. I hope he doesn’t think that I hate him.

I was at Evan’s house working on acoustics of sound. It was a good thing I went to his place, because he gave me an overview of vibes, which I didn’t take, even though its a prerequsite. I went back to his place in the afternoon also to work on LiveMath. Which is a program like a mathematica, and Evan and I just played around until we got it to work. But that took a while, because this program is really harsh. If it encounters an error, it automatically closes. So I think it closed 10 straight times on me, causing me to lose all the data.

An interesting game to play is guitar hero. Its fun, but it is hard once you get to medium. Easy was really easy, but medium was fairly hard. I kept on losing, and I was playing queens of the stoneage. Then I was also at this website

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