That’s my word of the day to describe what I was doing all day. Actually, it was the antithesis of my day. Because the day dragged on for a long time. Especially working on my projects. I actually overslept my first class, so I decided to go to the noon class. But I got to the door, and saw there were no seats avaliable in the class, so I didn’t go in. Instead I went to Pascual’s office and copied down all the homework answers so I could check it later.

Somehow I made it thought the rest of the day, and I ended up at Esmond’s place, and he was watching “Gone with the wind” with Jenny. I caught the last 2 hours of it with them, because I walked into their house.

Finally, I made amends for my bad memory. This time I actually met all the people that I should have remembered who were at the Boonies. So I have their names and faces in my memory. If I forget it, I’m going to have to punish myself. Let me see if I can remember all the names: Jenn, Beth, Meghan, Terrance, Will, … I forgot the rest of the names. =(.

But on a happy note, I got to watch the A’s win, and it made me really excited. So was watching BSG, even though several of my year guys actually skipped AACF to watch it, (i watched the rerun at 11pm)

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