imagination scares

Friday, was a terrific day. Because, first I was able to pack up most of my stuff, so I should be all ready to just fly out my house after church on Sunday for SLO.

What did I do ? oh yeah, in the morning I had lunch with minister Josh. I had actually said it was a picnic, but it never occurred. Instead I went to Lucca’s delicattesent at around lunch time and bought two sandwiches. Never went there during high school year, but they makes a mighty fine sandwich. Then I made some random salad, I just bought some greens, and threw some neutral fruits on top (peaches and mandarin oranges), got some caprisun water, and yogurt.

I wish I knew how I remembered how to get Josh’s house so well, because essentially I was driving back and I kind of had an idea where to go. I would drive and instinctively I would take turns. Rarely do I remember street names, usually I remember through landmarks. So if I told you how to get to josh’s house I would say, “turn right when you see the stores on the left, drive to the dead end, and turn left around the end of hte park, look for hte hydrant”. But I like talking to Josh, we had a really good lunch.

Fast fowarding through hte rest of the day. I went to footprints one last time before I go back to college. I think Robert wants me to help out because he was saying “too bad you have friday classes, or else you can come help us out. =)”. Then I told him about how my roommate Marc Hori did that. I also played with the little kids after awana, and they were all hanging on me like monkeys. Today, my shoulders feel like mush, because the 5 little ones were flying around me.

After that I went to vinesh’s place to watch “the grudge”. They picked up the movie and edris was drinking this 4 pound bottle of gatorade. While I went to buy some food from wendy’s. The drive through at 10:30 was long. There were 8 cars in line in front of me. So it took me half an hour in line. =O.

But back to the movie, we were all scared, because we were talking to each other while the movie began to not make it as scary. Then we were debating who had a worst seat. It was around midnight and we had turned off all the lights. And his couches had an L shape positioning. I was sitting with my back facing the kitchen, while the other 2 were on the other side. And edris said he would be more scared because he could see into the kitchen. And if a monster came out it would kill me instantly, and he would have to watch me get killed, and then he would get killed”. Then I said “i would be more freaked out because I can’t see behind me, and my imagination was running like a pack of wolves.”

To lighten up the mood after the movie we had to watch nip/tuck and “equilibrium”, and it made everything seem so much happier. My dad heard me come home at 3am, but for some reason, I must have been in a light sleep, because I heard my dad at 6am, or something say “Andrew went to sleep at 3am” to my mom. I don’t get how my brain works.

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