Rock and Roll

That’s what i do a lot during the summer. I do a lot of the rocking part, but i’m not sure if i can roll. I was playing some Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Hendrix. I want to learn some nice riffs on the guitar and expand my guitar playing ability. I have that AC/DC song “TNT”, “Sweet Dreams”, and “Rock and Roll” stuck in my head. I’m tnt, i’m dynamite, TNT I win the fight”. . Okay enough of music talking.

It was fun lounging around, my dad took a day off today also, and we sat around in the afternoon not doing much. Eventually, i did house cleaning. I got woolite and water and wiped the couches, I’m not sure if that did anything, but it makes me believe the couch is cleaner.

I also did my best chef cooking again. I went into the kitchen and began cooking with my mom at 5:15pm. I then came out of the kitcher a little past 6:35pm. Wow, it was a rush. I was preparing and cooking 2 meals. One for my aunt and one for the family. I sat there first making fried rice and helping my mom prepare the chicken. Then i went on to prepare brocolli, and as i was boiling the brocolli, i washed some dishes. Then i stir fried half the brocolli for my auntie, and the other half i cooked for my family. IF you want to know what i use to make brocolli. This will be your one and only chance to know. I sit there and i put in garlic, salt, brown sugar in a liquid form, and oyster sauce. Then i cooked some meat with rice wine and put it over the brocolli. That’s it for my food. So then my dad and I drove over to my auntie’s house with Pure Chicken Soup, the one where you have the chicken’s outside of a bowl. And the bowl gets heated, and the evaporation from the chicken wings and breasts will land in the bowl, and that in itself is the pure stuff, no water added at all. I thought it was weird how my mom made so little chicken soup, but she told me that she used half a chicken to get less then a cup of soup.

So i went to my auntie’s house, in Five Canyons. So it was a short drive. They live on a small street. You can only park on one side of the sidewalk, because the other side has to be clear and is the firelane. Uncle Dave opened the door for us, and we walked in and sat around for 30 minutes talking. It was interesting. I got to hold Matthew, and he was sleeping the entire 15 minutes i was holding him. And I had learned how to hold him from the last time (3 days ago). I found out that the baby’s neck is resting on the entire forearm, and not on your palm and wrist area near the front of the arm. So today the kid did not cry at all, he just slept in my arm. It’s funny watching the kid, because he sleeps and every once in a while, he kind of peeps open his eyes to see who is holding him, then he goes back to sleep. So the baby did that for the first 15 minutes, then he fell fast asleep in my arms. I could tell he was out, because Uncle Dave said it was almost time to feed him, so i touched his ears, and he didn’t respond to me. And I was told that meant the kid was really into his sleep. I didn’t know that a newborn eats every two hours. =O. My Uncle was telling me how he had to feed the kid every 2 hours, And after it gets to around 1 month old, then will the baby start eating less then once every two hours. So i was thinking, Uncle Dave that means you only get 2 hours of sleep between feedings? Then he goes on to tell me that, the baby takes 1 hour to eat. So in acutality, he only gets a one hour break. Craziness.

Then i started thinking. Hmm, how many kids would i want? My sister was telling me how she would only want 2 kids, and then i was telling her, i would want 5, and she felt sorry for my future wife. I think i will want to make the ultimate baby feeding machine, you know how hamsters have the waterbottle, i wish there was something like that for a kid, where you can just pull a switch and it will be fed.

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