no food?

Don’t you hate it when you have no food in the house. I do. But today i did have food, but it’s just that i had a weird assortment of it. I had some flat rice noodles, and i needed some meat, so i took some chicken meat from the soup, that was sitting in the fridge. Then i used the wok, and i made food. I don’t know the word in english, because my parents buy it from a chinese resturant. It kind of tasted like it, but i didn’t know how to make that brown sauce that it has in the resturant. So was more like eating rice, but instead of rice it was flat rice noodles.

I also decided that i will start getting back in shape. So i walked outside at around 2:00 and ran around the street. I tried to bring my discman with me, but it was skipping, because i run too fast and hard, so i took that off, and didn’t bring it with me. It was a really nice day at around 2:30. I was at the top of the trail, and i could see across the bay towards the san mateo bridge. I ran the stairs on the side of hill 3 times, as if i was running bleachers. Then i started getting tired. So I started running very weakly, taking those really short steps. But i ran up the trail behind the kids playground. Ran through the playground, up the slide and through the monkey bars. I was feeling very out of shape after running for 20 minutes. And i was running up the hill, and was about to walk, but thank goodness there were cars driving up to the top of the hill. Because there were cars coming, i kept on running because i didn’t want to look out of shape. So i started extending my stride, and flew up to my house. Then i walked into my house. And laid on the ground for 15 minutes. Yup, I just layed face first onto the ground, and felt the sweat evaporate off of me. I would have kept on staying down for at least 10 more minutes, but Vinesh called.

So i picked up the phone and talked to vinesh. He was asking me about a math problem. But i didn’t really remember it that well, because it was from 2 quarters ago. So i was sitting there, laying on the floor trying to figure out what he was talking about. It took me a while, but eventually i did start remembering what math we were talking about. And I remembered why i hated that class a lot. Because it was that quarter where i had all these weird problems, and a really boring math teacher. The one someone called, a character out of the simpsons. He was the most monotonous teacher in the world. Even when he was very excited about something, his voice was the same, you only knew he was excited becuase he was moving his hands up and down. So the phone call was all about math, because he needed some help.

That was really my whole day. The weirdest thing is that everyday i’ve been listening to the radio all day. I don’t really listen to music, because i listened to that a lot in my dorm, because there was no interesting shows. But at home, i listen to KNBR all day. I wake up to the Tony Bruno morning show, then i go and listen to Gary Radnich. Haha, that guy is just hilarious. Even though it is a sports show station, he ends up talking about everything. Today, he talked about how if you are over 40 you should not hog up the basketball court, chingy, tim brown’s retirement, then he talked to Tony Bruno about his party atmosphere. Very entertaining talk, because he is very knowledgeble in sports. He can talk about anything, but he wants to market to the 18-35 year old demographic. So Gary likes to play around, and interupt people if they are talking about something boring. To keep it interesting. Then i listen to Rod Brooks, and finally finish it up with the Razor and Mr. T. Those guys are funny also. They always talk about funny things. From all this, i wish i was a radio talk show guy. All i would have to do is sit there and talk about sports. Or something that sounds like sports, and if i want to get people’s attention i have to raise my voice to get attention.

I’m going to read the bourne trilogy. I’m currently on bourne identity.

Finally, I’m going to sit in front of my computer and work on flash, and not play video games. I uninstalled my MVP baseball demo.

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