Family Day

Hmm, because i don’t want to sound boring. I will go speed round in reviewing my day. If you want more info, go to my other blog. But this will take only 30 seconds, if you read that slow.

I had dim sum with my parents in milpitas, then i went shopping with my parents. I then fixed the computer fan, and then i brought food to my auntie, and then my day ended.

Okay, i finish talking about that. So i was listening to the sports radio and they are talking about unions. Sports have the most powerful unions in the world, haha, I thought it was funny how if you are suspended in baseball, you still get paid. Haha, If i was a baseball player, if i wanted a day off I would go get myself suspended, and get my nice pay. Then there is football, they made it so the NFL Team owners cannot discpline their own players for drug abuses, and now they won’t let the NFL team owners fire their player for failing a drug test. What is up with that. If I hold the money, and i don’t like the worker, i’m going to fire them. Whoever has the money should have a say in how they want it to be used. Okay, i’ve had enough ranting on that.

So, i was holding baby Matthew. I never saw it before, but he had just lost the last part of the umbilical cord connected to his belly button. So it was kind of weird looking at his belly button, there was something yellow on his belly button. And I didn’t know that the baby still cannot see yet. I think all he can see are blurry images, his eyes have not developed yet, because i’m looking at him and making funny faces, but the kid does not respond. But when i start waving my hands around very fast, and jumping up and down, i see the baby’s eyes start following my motion. This baby eats every 2 hours. And i think it was getting to the second hour because he started turning his head towards my shirt and sticking out his tongue. I think he bit my shirt 3 times. Hehe, . Then my uncle was showed me a way to hold the baby. Because the baby was on my arm, but his head would just tilt into my shirt. So he was telling me how to hold the baby like a football. =). Here I was, the baby was in my arm. His head and neck were in my palm, while his body lied on my forearm. I wanted to do the heisman trophy pose with the baby. Now, I will never hold a baby the same.

I was in San Jose, and i saw a prop plane flying around with an ad promotion for the olympics on NBC. I was standing around thinking, why do i want to watch the olympics. And i could think of 3 things. Gymnastics ( i really like the bar, and floor), water polo, and relays. Those are my favorite sports in the olympics. I was at Frys and i was watching a little kid play the olympics game on the PS2, and he was using the DDR pad to play. I was thinking, aw, that’s the best way to play the olympics.
Ah, and i also remembered this from the olypmics from 1992, because i was just on espn, and i saw this story as number 94, and i remember that too. That man knew what he wanted to do. And i sympatize for him.

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