Now, as I was sitting around today watching world cup soccer, it dawned on me that tomorrow was father’s day. So I scour through my brain thinking about what to get him, and it has to be something that I’ve never done before. I was trying to figure out what would my dad like or want. So eventaully, I find some toys my little cousins(girls) left in my room. They left their metallic bead pieces and I don’t think they will ever use it again. So I decided to make my dad a keychain metallic-beads tie looking clip.

Speaking of art, I started using my watercolors, but since its really hot right now, I have to wait until later to do my painting. I lay on a nice coat of water, and it evaporates in about one minute, which is not long enough to lay down a clean wash.

My favorite part of the day was how I watched tailspin on tv, and then I watched power rangers. Somehow I was talking to Vinny about that last night, and we remember how everyone in elementary school secretly watched that show, but said they didn’t watch it.

And we are still homeless for next year. Marc got a call yesterday from the apts we applied for, and we weren’t chosen. I know how that feels. So we have to regroup and look again. So right now, Marc is thinking that we might have to break ways with our 3rd roommate. That way we might be able to get those one bedroom places. And right now, I’m kind of thinking that might be the way to go. Its just that its much harder right now to find 2 bedrooms, within the right location and price cost.

Finally last agenda, I got two more interviews for this week. One is up in richmond and one in san leandro. And I talked to my dad about it, and he told me driving to richmond will be bad with a lot of traffic. So I hope I get the san leandro internship. Or I hope that the richmond internship will pay me well (hoping for 16-18). I know the san leandro water district is around 12-15.

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