hard brain at work

Now, as I was sitting around today watching world cup soccer, it dawned on me that tomorrow was father’s day. So I scour through my brain thinking about what to get him, and it has to be something that I’ve never done before. I was trying to figure out what would my dad like or want. So eventaully, I find some toys my little cousins(girls) left in my room. They left their metallic bead pieces and I don’t think they will ever use it again. So I decided to make my dad a keychain metallic-beads tie looking clip.

Speaking of art, I started using my watercolors, but since its really hot right now, I have to wait until later to do my painting. I lay on a nice coat of water, and it evaporates in about one minute, which is not long enough to lay down a clean wash.

My favorite part of the day was how I watched tailspin on tv, and then I watched power rangers. Somehow I was talking to Vinny about that last night, and we remember how everyone in elementary school secretly watched that show, but said they didn’t watch it.

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