fire in the hole

I hate weeks like this, where somehow everytime I’ve done ends up in failure. Like studying for 2 straight days, and then coming out the test all sad because it was hard. Then trying to make my machine work, and spending 7 hours trying to make it work, and then finally figuring out it was because we were putting it into the wrong port. Then finding my gwr score, and I didn’t pass. =(. Having the cable company not receive money that I sent them, Its a PU week.

Thank goodness, its almost the weekend, because I can go and fix what went wrong this way by making sure I don’t repeat it again.

On a brighter side, I learn a lot from my dreams. I had a nightmare last night about stealing money, I found some money on top of a bag of chips in the quikie store, and I really wanted to buy some ice cream, and took that money on top to buy some ice cream. Throughout my dream, I felt so bad about it. Even when I woke up in the morning, I felt guilty about stealing money in my dreams. =(.

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