Dust and Pollen

Today was a really nice day so I opened the window in my room to enjoy the air outside. It was all fine and dandy until 2 hours later when my roommate woke up sneezing a lot. Then I remembered, my roommate has allergies and I had opened the windows and it affected him. But then I found out that he had a cold, so i’m not sure if he was sneezing because of the allergies.

And I was talking to my roommate today. And he told me that he never hears his alarm when i goes off. So right now I don’t think he sleeps anymore, I think he just hibernates, becuase his alarm usually goes on for over an hour. And he has two alarms going off also, his cell phone and his clock.

What’s always interesting is talking to the teachers. A lot of my teachers if I just talk to them outside of class in their office hours. They have intersting things to talk about . Our vibes teacher was out of town on monday doing the Boston Marathon, but we had to take a test while she was away =(.

The most interesting thing about watching the discovery channel is how i see all these people have ideas and then they have to design things to make it work. Like mythbusters, and i’m watching future weapons. They use really cool weapons.

You know what’s the weird concept of the day. I was talking to some guys (lab partners) and they were talking about their girlfriends. The reason it came up was because we were asking him why he was tired, and he was describing how having a girlfriend is like taking another class. And all of us felt for him, because i know my friends who have girlfriends seem to always have to keep one hour open a day to talk to their girlfriend. What’s the funniest thing my friends like to say is that “when you dont’ have a girlfriend its hard to get girls, but once you have a girlfriend, its like you get a new scent and girls just start coming up to you”

What i really wanted to do today was walking to class was go into monkey boy mode. I saw some branches on top of a tree, and i just wanted to jump up grab the branch and swing around. But the branches were too high, and I was late for class so I had no time for monkey business. Tomorrow, I might…

or i’ll just give my roommate a bear hug and he will be all confused. I’m just going sit here and stalk him until he comes out. Then he’s going to get the soul squeezed out of him.

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