random stories

Yesterday, we had a lab class with ngozii, but the thing was noone was there. My group and I were just standing outside the lab door for 30 minutes. We were wondering where the rest of the class was, and where was Ngozi. So we kept on standing around. I think after 45 minutes we left. We had his cell phone number, but didn’t want to bother him. So we ended up just dropping our paper in his drop box.

New story, so I was sitting in lighthouse talking to Justin the other cook. We were talking about random things, and we ended up talking about repo people. So Justin was telling me how he was at his friend’s house, and was wondering why his friend had 6 speakers unplugged standing next to his desk. Then his friend was telling him how this other guy owned him a grand. So he had gone to the guy’s house, and saw that the repo men were there taking stuff out of the house. He went up to one of the repo men saying “This guy owes me a thousand dollars”, so the repo men told him that he could take whatever he want. So he took the guys sound system. Anyways, we ended up talking and I told them, we should all get into a car and follow a repo truck. So when hte repo car drops things, we can pick it up. Then this other worker Ryan came by and said “Andrew, you want to be repo man, archenemy of the poor people with bad credit”. And started laughing. He said “you don’t look intimidating enough, you would be better as “the shadow””. That was such a great line. I cracked up, and said “yeah, because I’m always lurking right behind you”.

Story number 3. So last night, I was waiting for my lab partner as we were working on our lab report. So i start on the lab report and work on it. I was working and I didn’t notice that 2 hours had passed, when I had gotten 3/4 of the lab done. Then my lab partner told me he was too tired. You might think I would get mad at him for not showing up, but I understood. Because he had a CE test earlier in the day, and a german test the next day. So it didn’t bother me too much, I just finished most of it. It was a party atmosphere in the lab, because it was the guy’s birthday next to me. I didn’t know him, but it was kind of cool. I was working and then all of a sudden there were 15 people right behind the guy, and they surprised him with a birthday cake.

Finally, I’ve been trying to get a hold of Anthony’s who’s place we are going to live in next year. Becuase i really don’t remember his place, I walked into the condo next door. I walked in and it didn’t look right, so I walked back outside and across to the other door. There were two reasons I knew it was not the right side. First their door was open with a mini fridge right outside with beer cans next to it. Also, I could hear country music being played in the room, so I walked right out.

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