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I haven’t been updating much because I’m sitting in the library studying. And I don’t think that is really exciting, because i fall asleep while i study. I feel burnt out from school this quarter. So i’m trying to just put it together for 2-3 more weeks,and I think staying in the library will give me that extra incentive to study.

Now, i’m still doing my stretching, and I cramped my self up in the legs. I think stretching before I sleep feels so nice. So i do some leg, back and arm stretches before i sleep. Putting my arms over my head, and streching by heels forward. Well, I had a little cramp in my calves and it was painful. Its the kind of pain where i just lay there in bed waiting for the cramp to go away, which it does in 1 minute.

But I got the double whammy. I’ve been trying to do the splits so the muscles near the command center have been geting some extra tenderness. So I’m turning over in my bed, and I pull one of the muscles. So I start rolling around in a curled position. Very painful, I think my roommate thought I was sleep walking so he kept on working on his labtop. I had to stretch out again before i could go back to sleep.

Now its going to be another day in the library. Have to figure out all the stuff before my midterm tomorrow.

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