I’m sitting in the ME lab trying to study. There’s only one other person in the lab here, and for some reason I don’t feel like studying. But I will study after this.

hehe, so today my roommmates and I were going to go talk to mustang village to see if we could get out of our least one month earlier. This was because they had a paper handed out on our door saying we could get out of our lease faster. I think its because they had a lot of community college students, so they needed to get some places open for them. So I had told my roommate (Pat) the day before that I was going to be studying in the library. So we had planned to go to the office from around 1-2, after Justin came back from work at Hollywood videos. Anyways, I had gone to class that morning, and was really tired. So i came back to my room and studied and slept. So I was tucked in asleep, when I hear the awful rumbling of my cell phone on the table. I think it only sounds terrible when the cell phone is on the table, and makes this jackhammer noise. I was really tired so I didn’t pick it up in time. So as i’m picking it up, I hear my roommate Justin outside in the living room saying “Andrew, I just want to let you know …”, I didn’t hear the rest of it because he walked into his room. But I picked up my phone and saw that he had called me. So I just walked out into the living room, and surprised them. It was funny, because Pat had assumed that I had goneto the library, and no one thought about checking my room. I think I scared Justin when I popped up right behind him.

I was just reading about choke flow. Anyways, I was thinking of random stuff. Anyways, my point is this. Don’t assume I’m going to be somewhere if you don’t ask me. I don’t like it when people ask me “Andrew, why didn’t you come to my place for the BBQ/party.” For two reasons, usually I don’t know about the get together. I also don’t really put it as high priority unless you invite me, or personally invite me.
My roommate was getting all over my case for not going to the AACF junior dinner. I told him I didn’t go, because I didn’t put it as such a high priority. You know what I’m talking about. I like it if someone calls me to personally invite me, and not just send out a mass e-mail saying “come to this and that whoever wants to come.” It shows to me that the person doesn’t really care too much about it. Since it doesn’t matter too much to them, it doesn’t matter too much to me. That’s why I don’t like it when people ask me “why didn’t you come over dude, we had such a great time”.
Well, I end up saying something like “I couldn’t (or didn’t have the time to) make it”. Such a great way to divert the question with a generic answer. In actually, I would really want to say “I didn’t go because I didn’t feel it was important to go. You didn’t make it seem like a big deal, so I didn’t take it as a big deal.” I’m not trying to be self centered, but I just don’t like that feeling when you feel it is very impersonal. It just makes it feel as if you aren’t worth the effort to go ask. I know, I know, it sounds very selfish, but its just the way i’m wired. I’m a very emotional guy, my heart empathizes and energies. But the side affect is that if I don’t feel wanted at a party, I won’t show up. I prioritize things in my life, and going to a party feeling unwanted is not near the top of the list.
So the moral of this is, if it is really important to you that I must be there. I better get a personal message from you, and e-mail is okay, as long as it is not some generic e-mail sent to 100people. Also, its okay if it is a group of people (4-5). *Evites* don’t count.

whew, that went off my chest well. Now I feel much better if people ask me why I didn’t go to their thing even if I heard about it through some other people. Ooh, and by the way, even if I hear about your party I don’t feel offended that you didn’t invite me. Because its not worth it to get upset over little things like that, no need to worry about why i wasn’t invited.

Now its time to go back to studying.

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