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Today is a hard day. I have done a lot already, and its only noon.

I didn’t have english this morning so i got to sleep in for one more hour. After my fluids class i went to talk to my group about our english project.

So we ended up spliting up the work, but it was too hard to split it up evenly. So one person is doing more work this time then everyone else. It will end up one person will write the report (1000 words) from the websites we found. While everyone else will write the index, glossary, memo, attachment, and images and other information. Next time it will be me who will have to do the bulk.

I don’t think anyone knows what exactly what is happening for fluids. I sit there in the libray with some classmates and we try to figure out the homework. Thank goodness for problem session because he did 4 of the 6 problems for us. A lot of derivation.

The best part of the day was going to office hour. We walk into Ngozi Kamalu’s office and there he is sitting down. We are talking to him about our lab and if our numbers are correct. So he tells us he will go and get his labtop from his car to crunch our numbers. We stand outside his office and watch him walk out. 2 minutes later, he comes back without his labtop, and evan and i are wondering why he didn’t get his labtop. Prof Kamalu didn’t say anything about the labtop, So we assumed that he didn’t want to walk all the way to his car. We continue to ask him about our lab, and he sits there and is talking and says “I could do this for you”. …. Then we stood there in silence for 2 minutes, because kamalu closed his eyes and fell asleep. .. Then i started talking to Evan and he woke back up and said “I was thinking”. I was cracking up on the inside because it was so funny watching him talk to us, and then go to sleep as he was thinking.

Finally, I came back to my room and saw that my roommate wasn’t back yet. So i called him to check up if he was okay, because he missed class, and he doesn’t do that. I found out he has car trouble. I could imagine his car having problems because he goes home so often people at his church ask him to come to college study group on thrusday nights in L.A.

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