I need to sleep earlier

The worse part of waking up in the morning, is the part right before you get out of bed. I wake up today at 8:45, and I’m really tired. I don’t want to go to class, I feel really sleepy still, and tired. Then I was getting out of bed. So I take off my blanket and its really cold. So I lay in bed and contemplate the reasons why I should skip class, or go to class.
I should go to class because its not good to skip class
Hmm, but its only philosophy, I’ve been reading the book.
And if I sleep now, I can wake up at 12pm, and do my thermal engineering homework
Wait, wait. Philosophy is a 2 hour class, so its like skipping 2 classes

So then that idea made me go to class, because it would be like skipping two classes. So i got up ran around the house really fast, and ran out the door.

But then I came back from class later and just fell asleep from 12pm – 2:50pm, and I left my cell phone on vibrate. And I hate when the phone vibrates while I’m sleeping, because it wakes me up. But I’m usually really groggy so I’m not sure what that noise is, it just sounds like thumping, and I just wish it would stop. Then once it stops I go back to sleep.

What’s really interesting is the IME class. I got some practice etching a circuit board. We were sitting in a room with yellow light, so that the uv light sensitive circuit board material wouldn’t get messed up. And then we went to the next room, and sat under a red light and did the photo part of our circuit.

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