Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner

So I have actually been working overtime this past week/weekend leading up to that thanksgiving holiday. Becuase of that, I had extra money to spend on my house and the pre-thanksgiving dinner.

Here is how my life has been to catch you up. Much more nicer to work on the weekends when I am getting paid to help fix someone else’s problem.

I notice that I can sometimes have impulse buys. While at michaels buying puzzles (which I am putting together, then gluing and nailing to the wall). Also, girls love to come to my place and do puzzles. 😉 I came across this IMAG1023

I really like the penguin, so close to buying it. When that happened, I just texted my friends for advice, and goo thing they stopped me.

Today, I made a pre-thanksgiving dinner and invited soem friends over. At costco, I bought a 24 pound turkey, becuase that was the smallest I could find. For the recipe, I looked online and used the simpliest one. Butter, pepper, and salt the turkey then cook it, and keep it moist every 30 minutes



Finished Turkey,




The sides were mashed potatos, shrimp, asparagus, and biscuits.

I forgot about the biscuits until my friend saw them while walking by.

As for appetizers, I had corn dog bites, grapes, and chips.

Dessert was pumpkin pie.

After making all the food, i found out I don’t know how to make gravy. So that will be on my learn to make thing. I also did catch my wok on fire, I let the pan get too hot before i put the oil on. This just caused the oil to catch on fire when i threw it down. So it started a lot of smoke, so i had to jump up and pull off the fire alarm.

Also, none of us knew how to carve a turkey. Took 5 minutes before i tried cutting it. Then it took us 10 minutes to pop a champagne bottle.

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