Update on my life

I have been working really really hard the past weeks. I haven’t had too much time to blog and do all the fun stuff.

Last week I went to an art fair in berkeley.


Went into a guy’s house to look at his stain glass. He had pretty simple designs, and they are expensive. =) He also gave my friend a cut of a glass. A lot of his stuff is based on mexican history. =)


Then I went and saw this other artist,


His name was Lewis Suzuki

Then there was a lady that made jellyfish earrings.



Then I went into the jigsaw building whiched house alled the artists in berkeley.

As for work, I have been out at facebook for hte past several weeks.


Then have some funny names for room, like Linkedin Park, and other ones.


They have pretty skateboard side tables.


I’ve been out in the field too long, so my co-workers started making balloon animals for me with my balloons. This is what I saw coming back into the office.

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