part 2

I’m back from going shopping for food. And you know what I don’t like. I don’t like people who run red lights. My roommate took me shopping for food. There’s a lot of people at trader’s joe on friday afternoon. So I went to food 4 less to buy food while my roommate went to trader’s joe. So we are leaving , and just talking in the car (he drives a full size van, so we have an advantage over every car). So we are at the stoplight, and there is kind of a blind spot for cars coming from the left, because the road curves. Then the light turns green, and we are talking and its about 3 seconds later marc starts driving forward, and all of a sudden this red car comes driving through, and it barely missed hitting us.

Then we go down the street, and are making a left turn, but this time a truck runs the red, but we could see it running it, because it was turning left. So we are now getting scared, and decide we should just go home, because its getting kind of hairy for us. But we decide to go to jack in the box, well I did make it back so it was alright. For some reason, I must have been really sleepy todya, because I was at Jack in the box and I they asked for my name. At first i wanted to give them the name “richard”, but then I said Andrew. But the lady didn’t hear me or something when i said andrew. So the lady who called out the name said “edward?, richard?”. I look at the writing on the tab and i see “cdhworod” in messy cursive.

Okay, back to part 2. So from philosophy, the teacher talks alot about how the best way to live a life is by virtue’s instead of philosophy. Like Kant’s, singer because there are a lot of loopholes in rules. And it can be misinterpreted. We talk about issues like the kidnapper, who kidnaps you and askes you where your parents are so he can go kill him. Would it be immoral to lie to him? What happen if you lie and say your parents went to the post office, and your parents happen to be going to the post office? Then stuff like that.

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