Fantasy and Reality

Okay, I will start off my journal with my dream from last night, because it was a really interesting dream. So if you want to not read about my dream, you can skip pass the first 2 paragraphs

I started out with some money so I decided to buy a labtop, and I couldn’t figure out which one to buy so I buy both. One lab top looked like an apple mac, while the other one took 2 folds to open. It folded down to close, and then in half to shrink its size. It was just a little bit smaller then the apple when fully closed. And i tried to return the labtop later, because i didn’t need two and found out hte return policy was only 50% refund, or trade for something else of equal value. So I went aroudn looking for textbooks for next quarter, but the only books i saw were storybooks.

Part 2 of my dream was that, i went my classes, and I had PE. And in PE we had a 2 part test, and the first one was driving a boat around an obstacle course. But I had moved the boat to a different hanger so they decided to play a different game. there were 6 teams of 3 or 4. And it was always 2 teams versus. And we tried to throw a water balloon into the goal. So on my team, was a skinny guy, an ape like guy with donkey kong hands. So we pass the ball around several times and I’m getting all tired. So i get the water balloon and I get tackled and pass the balloon to the ape hand guy and he catches it but accidentally squishes it explodes and we lose. And he sounds like donkey kong and goes “oohh iam sorry”. But in my dream I got a second chance because I was on the next team also, so I decided that I would just run through everyone. So I did spin o’ ramas, manu ginobilli like moves, conan o brien jumps and noises. Then i scored, and then these girls ran to me, and I woke up.

Okay, now its time for r-l stuff. In our philosophy class yesterday we were talking about sexual activity, especially the act of homosexuality. And this is a 300 level class, so it isn’t some cheesy class. The teacher defends both sides of the issue the best he can. And we use moral claims to back up our premises. So these claims are like what are restrictions on sexual activity. and we get to claims as, mental capacity, consent of all invovled, non-persons, close relatives/family members, ands no children(before puberty) [those 5 previous are the ones we will all presume everyone accepts], then there are ones like money, muliple partners, and homosexuality.

So, I’m sitting there thinking. Its really hard to defend against homosexuality if i use society’s standards. Our teacher was talking about, the only way you can really defend topics like this is by using virtues. Since this is a social ethics class, we stick to only the use of morality. So we examined premises such as

p1)Homosexuality is unnatural
p2)Unnatural acts are immoral
conclusion) Homosexuality is immoral

but the problem with that is that premise 2 is faulty, because things like wearing glasses with your nose is not a natural act. If we define natual as “An organs use is natural, if it is in conext of use, its natural function”. In my philosphy book, a lot of the arguments are just against same sex marriage. So I can conclude two things. I must be hold myself to a higher moral standard (the Bible), than society, and develop good virtue’s

part 2 when i come back from shopping for food.

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