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So yesterday night, and all this morning I spent my time playing around with photoshop and flash. I’ve been working on making the blank lab website again. So I spent a lot of last night making some pictures for the website. And I know what I really like to do, and that is to make animation and do graphic design. So my hobbies seem to be around art and sports.
http://blank.profusehost.net/. This site is just there for practice now until I get enough stuff to warrent myself buying some webhosting.

Tonight, I went with Evan to his friends place. Evan knew a guy from his freshman year, and that guy currently has an audio shop in San Luis Obispo. So we went there to start buidling our speakers. His friend was really nice, he helped us do almost the whole entire project. We worked on the plan and laying out the pieces and he helped cut them with his table saw. That made things go buy so quick. We spent aroun 3 hours working on it.

Tonight was really, really cold. I was sitting there looking at Jessie cutting wood, and my safety goggles started to fog up from the heat from my face. And we were cutting mdf wood, and that stuff really gets in your nose. My lungs and nose were full of mdf after all that saw dust went into the air. But I took a lot of pictures with my friends camera, so you can see what it looks like later.

Finally, we were really hungry after working on the speaker. So Evan and I went to grab some grub from Jack in the Box. And it was really nice and warm inside. And the lady at the cashier stand was really talkative and nice. After i gave my order, she said “thank you, hon”. Then she said “i need to stop saying that and say ‘sir'”. Evan told me to blog about it, so I will now blog about it. I don’t really care if a lady calls me hon, because my grandparents did that, and a lot of the older ladies say that to me. So it doesn’t bother me, and my auntie calls me that also. Well actually she calls me sugarpie. I think its just because I’m babyface, and could pass for a 15 year old. Okay, that’s all i want to say about that.

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