Oversleeping Class

haha, i overslept again for my physics class. So i went to sleep last night at 9:45pm. I was planning on waking up at 5:45am in the morning to study for math. So i go to sleep, and i have a hard time sleeping. I don’t know why. I woke up 3 times in the middle of hte night. Once at 11:00, and again at 2:00, and then at 4:30. But at 4:30, i was hearing funny noises outside my window. It sounded like some animals outside fighting, making a really annoying sound. That sounded like scratching against the chalkboard. But i hear my alarm at 5:30, turn over, and fall asleep, then i wake up at 9:00. Too late for my physics class. =(.

Statics was nice. I walked to class, and it was dark and overcast, and raining. After 50 minutes, when i came out. It was nice and sunny, and really hot. I was in my sweatshirt, and sweater.



oh, why is it so cold. Or maybe my really warm skin is just too sensative. ASDF. My roommates and i spent a lot of money on food. We went to Ralphs yesterday And now we have 6 galloons of milk in the refrigerator. I spent around 40, one spent 100, and nother spent 60, and i’m not sure how much my 4th roommate spent. But he’s a really big guy, who doesn’t cook much, so i don’t think he spent that much.

If i don’t grow, it will be because i don’t eat enough veggies.

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