new year

I did write an entry here, but i accidentally closed my window. So i’ll try to rewrite what i read earlier.

So, I sat around and watched movies to pass the time until New Years. I couldn’t get a hold of anybody. And i didn’t want to have to get out of the warm house into drenching rain.

Let’s see how i spent the last day of the year. I stiffed Doug and Brad. I felt sad about that because i had invited them, but Edris, Vinesh, and Alvin weren’t able to make it. Because it was really cold. But i was relieved to find out that Doug and Brad didn’t play because they thought it was too cold too.

Anyways, i wouldn’t have played football too well. I could not throw the football well at all, ever since I jammed my finger yesterday playing catch with vinesh’s Pop Warner ball. That thing is hard on the fingers. So i thought i would be smart and tape my hands together. But i had taken off the tape when i was going to sleep, and my middle finger was hurting a little if i bent it. I found this rubberband next to my bed so i rubberband my middle and ring finger together. In the morning, I woke up at 3:00am, and my hand was hurting. The rubberband was making it hard for blood to flow to my hand. That is the last time i will use a rubberband, just using the tapes was better.

So I found some info on Joe Rokocoko for those in the know.

Josevata “Joe” Rokocoko
born : June 6 1983
height : 6’2 ft
weight : 212 lb

Okay, I now believe Joe is a superhero, because he is stronger then a man and faster then light.

“Not many rugby players can lay claim to having mowed down Joe Rokocoko in full flight; in fact, most players will be able to tell you in great detail what the back of Rokocoko’s All Black shirt looks like — after seeing it sprint past them on quite a number of occasions.” from some news article

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