hearst castle

So last night i was up and around fixing the blank-label website. So i ended up downloading some new software called xoop, and it looks like php nuke, so then i went to sleep at 3:00am, because i was working on it.

I wake up this morning to my cell phone ringing. My lab partner was calling me to ask if i wanted to go with him to hearst castle for the clean energy source car fair. So It’s 10:00, and i decide to go. I walk to his place and we get into his car and are about to leave the lot, when we run into his roommate. His roommate Sajar asks us where we are going, and evan, my lab partner tells him, “we’re going to hearst castle, do you want to come?”. And Sajar says “let’s go” and jumps right into the car just like that. Its about a 35-40 minute drive to hearst castle. So we are driving and after 30 minutes, we are driving behind a trailer and we are getting kind of mad the trailer is going so slow. Then we notice, that the trailer is the same one in the hanger, and it’s the cal poly trailer. We started laughing, because evan was about to drive to the side and pass them up.

When we got there, there was this really nice San diego state race car. That car was a hybred of eletric and gas. And it was fast. It could go from 0-60 in less then 4 seconds. And acceleration from 60-80 took 2 seconds. And it can get 38.8 mpg if driven like a fast car. And the supervisor for the club said that car could turn around fast. Going 60, just lock the back tires, and swing the car, and just floor it when you spin around. 5 seconds.

I was there because i’m in the sae club and we are working on the supermileage car. The club is being resurrected from the dead, because we brought an old model from 1993 there, the last year the club existed. And that car could get 900 mpg. So we were out there drumming up support. And i sat inside the car, and it feels like a coffin, because it looks like a bullet, and the roof pushes up and you sit in and look out the nose. I couldn’t see too much.

I learned how to make biodiesel fuel.

Time to do stuff.

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