I didn’t pick up the phone

For some reason today, I didn’t seem to return back anybody’s call. So I was awaken at 9:00am in the morning by my cellphone ringing. I was all confused as to who would call me in the morning. Then i find out its my lab partner and he asks me if i finished and why I hadn’t called him back. I had heard the message yesterday, and I thought he said “call me back if you have any problems”. But I ran to school and gave him the drawings.

The campus is really close to my apt, I think walking to campus is closer then walking to vinesh’s house. I’m not sure, but I think its about 500 feet closer. I can hear the football stadium at night, and the school clock when it chimes on the hour.

I don’t think i’m sick. I think I just have not put enough water into my throat, because I was not coughing during the afternoon after drinking water to the point that it tasted sweet.

From the kitchen tongiht, I got my roommate some apple cobbler and corn bread. I just hope he comes home soon, or else he will never eat it.

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