plummer’s here

The plummer is working on the drains near my apt so we have no running water. They are working from 9-5, so when I have to go to the restroom. I jump out of my room and run down the street to my friend’s apt and use his restroom. … asdfasd, I need to stop thinking about going to the restroom, because it will make me want to go to it again. Especially after eating 2 bowls of cereal.

I think our lab teacher likes us a lot because we always go up and talk to him and ask him for help. So as we were working on our lab, we had all these problems and asked him about it. Because he didn’t have any old labs with him, he told us to call him. So he gave us his cell phone number, and home phone number. hahaha, I don’t know why i just laughed out loud, but it was one of those evil scientist laughs. I can imagine all the things that i could do with his phone number, but this is all in my head, so nothing will happen.

What smell I don’t like is the axe smell. Or the way my roommate sprays an overabundance on himself. Because that stuff is really strong, and he sprays it in his room and through osmosis its in my room, just as strong. You know how some girls wear perfume where they spray in front of them and then walk through it. I think I get second hand axe smell on me. Unlike the commercials, I have not seen my roommate attract any females to our place, so I know it doesn’t work. I’m going to put on some vaseline lotion because I like that smell much better, and it can drown out the axe smell.

Finally, I don’t know why, but my calves hurt. I think its because i walk too hard, and fast. Just like Evan said “my calves don’t hurt when i run, only when i walk”. Speaking of pain in calves, I think I will go stretch them out, and see how far I can go in my splits. I want to see if I can ever gain the ability to do the splits.

(15 minutes)
Okay, i just looked online and they said to do the splits I should warm up. So i did 1 minute of in place running and then I stretched every single muscle in the leg, and went for hte splits. Currently, I’m 7.5 inches away from getting there.

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