aacf service auction

Well, i need to catch up with my blogging. So last friday was the AACF service auction. And i decided i would serve by washing someones bathroom. I’m not sure if i made a big mistake, because my friend who won the bid told me that his restroom was nasty.

They live above the enterprise rental car place. And their restroom is not that great. The air ventaliation is bad, and they said that moss has been growing on the side of the bathroom. So i asked them how they shower. He says they just stand on a mat in the middle of the shower and wash themselves without trying to touch the wall. It just cracked me up, and he said “Andrew, you are a brave man to wash my restroom, because i would not wash it. ”

I think my roommate is on a spending spree. Yesterday, when i came back, i saw that he bought wires for the tv, so that the x-box, ps2, his computer and sound system are all connected to the tv. Then i saw he bought some retro ps2 controllers. They look square shape like the original nintendo controllers. I thought it was interesting. What was even funnier was that he was watching “the newlyweds” on tv. And i thought he was just watching mtv. I thought mtv had a marathon because he was watching it at night and in the morning when I woke up. Yesterday, after church when i came back, i saw the dvd for “the newlyweds” on the coffee table. Nothing against him, but i just thought it was funny how he would like that show.

Now I think i will learn all the lines to that dvd. He watches the same dvd for at least 2 weeks every night. I know the 15 episodes of seinfield he watches, season 3 of aquateens, south park, and i also seem to know that he only has 10 mp3’s that he has on repeat. Every single night i hear “candyshop” at least 4-5 times. Within a span of 2 hours. For some reason, I think that it is just funny.

The quarter is about to end and i have tons of stuff to catch up on. I was looking at classes to see if I had moved up on the waitlist. But i can’t figure out how to tell how far down i am. I would have taken a class in the 3 open sections, but i have a time conflict. Its amazing how everyone is trying to stay away from the teacher that is teaching the open section. Nobody is coming close to touching his class. they might cancel his 8’o clock class because only 3 people signed up for that. Then the other 35 people classes are less then half full.

I tried to make french toast last night, and it didn’t come out looking good at all. Maybe it was because i was cooking it in my wok, and not my frying pan. So it didn’t really cook too well. It was burnt on the end, and almost done in the middle. I made it taste good by soaking the toast in a lot of maple syrup. =)

I must not procrastinate and get back to work.

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