Donkey Kong and my desk

I don’t know if anyone knows what my desk at work looks like, but I thought it would be cool to give people a Cribs style version of my desk. So this is where I do all my work.

    My desk consist of the following things

  • Everyone in our office has letters for our first name on our wall. But you might see I have an A and W, what happened was my co-worker Marcel thought he had bought an M, when it was actually a W. So the president called him “Wacel” for a while, so he didn’t want it anymore.
  • There is a red tractor cafe paper placemat that I colored. Somehow all the engineers were eating lunch and we decided to color in our placemats. I think half my color pencils at worked went into coloring the sky and ground.
  • The bullseyes up there are for when I want to shoot my nerf darts at the wall and not at my co-workers.
  • If you look to the right of the phone, there is this orange looking thing between the phone and the cup. That is the water gun I use to shoot my co-worker while he smokes. That is how we try to stop him.
  • I do drink a lot of stuff out of htat pint glass in front of my monitor. It has held hot tea in there once. =)
  • On the right is a picture of stuff with bubbles, that is the picture that tells me the extensions of all the people in the office. Even though i don’t ever use it, I seem to always just end up hanging up on people or getting them stuck in hold.
  • The colors on the top left is the wire color that hte panel builder uses in that order. It helps me remember what color he likes

That is the top of my desk. On to the bottom.

    Well below my desk to the left is just a computer and a box i throw all my old papers in. While on the right side is all the interesting things

  • I keep one of my company shirts hanging underneath my desk. It is binder clipped in half so it will require no ironing and i can wear it at anytime. It is hanging off a paper clip that i bent and put around a metal beam.
  • Since I don't have much room in my room for my clubs, I have them hang out underneath my desk (the blue/black bag).
  • Behind the golf bag is my box of old notebooks I used at work
  • Then there is a bunch of candy and snacks in my bottom drawer. =)

    I was at toys r us yesterday and got Doug a WWE Championship belt for his birthday. Because he loves Aaron Rodgers, so he got a belt with a spinner on it. =) However, while I was walking around, I almost bought this wonderful poster. It was in my hand, however I had to convince myself not to buy it. So I didn't.
    I love donkey kong. My favorite story is how I had a roommate in college, who did not give me a high five for almost 2 months because of donkey kong. We were talking about video games, and I talked about how I love donkey kong, where in games, donkey kong would clap his hands and give high fives. Like in the original donkey kong you would hi-five your partner in, so i said to my roommate wouldn't it be cool if I could high-five you and then you could go to classes and take tests for me. He looks at me, shakes his head and says "no, it would not be cool". Then I say "High-five", and he says "i'm not tagging myself in, you are on your own" =). So he kept this up for almost 2 months. =P

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