Getting Candy

So I was at walmart loading up on stuff for “minute to win it” games this saturday at church (i’ll blog about it tomorrow). I also ended up buying also a lot of stuff for Children Sunday School.

It was so weird carrying this list they made for me, because moms that were passing by me, saw this list and gave me an interesting look. Then their kids were looking at me with eyes of amazement, hoping they could get what i was buying.

So those kids in my 4th grade class better be happy about this, becuase it makes my wallet sad that I spent money on this stuff. =). But I know why I do that. It was from my first swim coach when i was 5 years old, how he would give me a candy bar if i swam out to him. So I would do that, and he would give me a candy bar at the end of the class.

The cashier lady at walmart and lady behind me was chuckling when I was talking about why i was buying all these toys. Saying “you must love them a lot.” =)

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