More Honeymoon Photos Part 2


Another lazy day, Sherri fell asleep at the pool, while I just ate hamburgers and swam around. Smile


We had a romantic dinner that night in the wine room. Smile


This was the “el jefe” room. Actually, I think it was the patron room in the restaurant.IMG_20161109_193931

We also got a really nice tour of the wine cellar. And they had a great assortment of wine. We ended up trying only the mexican wines with our dinner.IMG_20161109_194315IMG_20161109_194521

There was this really beautiful cheeseboard. This cheese was one of the main funny stories of that night. One of the guys serving us was not that fluent in english. So he rolls in this cheese and says “my name is Omar … Cheeseboard”. He says some stuff in spanish, and I look at him and say “is your name Omar Cheeseboard?” He says “yes, cheeseboard”. So I turn to Sherri to tell her that the server’s name is Omar Cheeseboard. She looks at me and laughs because I didn’t understand my spanish correctly.IMG_20161109_194807IMG_20161109_200331



Cucumber Cappacino Soup, Sherri thought it was a drink, I was telling her it was a mushroom soup with a cucumber foam.


Our Steak dinner


Here are more pictures from the resort.



The parrots that have their wings clipped so they can only walk on the table and can not get away.


More food pictures for memories, and the food was delicious. We ended up figuring out they made really good mexican food here, their american food sucked. Smile

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