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Anyways, I”m still trying to fix my comments. It’s still not working correctly. I”m not sure why. It seems that it can do everything right except when you press post, it posts the message but sends you to another website.

You know how when you sit in class, you usually talk to the people next to you. Ever notice how sometimes when the teacher does something that nobody understands or says a joke. You might turn around to say something to the other person. And that other person is also looking at you. It’s weird isn’t it. It seems that they always do. But what happens if they don’t turn around. You usually end up pretending you are looking at a wall. Anyways to yesterday. I was in class and the teacher was saying some jargon. Well anyway, he made a joke and i was looking right and the guy next to me was “yeah” and shaking his head also. So the next time i was thinking, i wonder if i look out the window and not turn around. So from the corner of my eye, i could see the guy next to me turn to me when the teacher made another non=intellectual comment. But i didn’t turn around. So i just wanted to see what he would do. So i see that he truns to say something to me, but since i’m not looking he quickly stops and turns back around. I wanted to laugh.

Isn’t it also nice to be walking back to your room while it’s sprinkle, and once you get inside, it starts to pour. The next time I post, i am not going to use any to be verbs. I want my blog to flow more fluidly.


C major – the simplest

C major – the simplest key. You are content with
where you are now, you have what you need. Some
people are happy in C major, but it is up to
you to decide to push yourself further if you
want more from your life.

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