Church Annual Celebration

Woohoo, I love dressing up (well sometimes), because i had this pinstriped suit I have been waiting to suit up in. =) . So I dressed up in stripes today, my sister loved my clothing and though I looked really good. Which means, everyone else would think I looked “hot”.

At Church we had a lot of fun doing all the skits and preparations. I failed at my illusion, but everyone else did great. “Merge” did “If I were not upon the stage” song/dance. Footprints had a lot of little skits. It was really cool actually seeing people that didn’t realize they were getting an award get one. Mostly the people who were core for young adult, and footprints. The ones that everyone knew about, but sometimes because overlook the idea that they might need recognition even though they get a lot. Those are actually the best ones I think.

Then I also should mention, that I didn’t eat dinner, so I was chomping don on the snacks afterwards. I also sprayed myself with some apple cider. =)

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