dapper dan man

I feel like a dapper dan man, except i’m not using dapper dan. My mom buys facial cream and those feminine stuff. And she bought some pomade because she thought it was used to help smooth out hair, and not gel it. So I now have a small bottle of holding pattern finishing pomade. But I don’t know how to use it. It tells me to work the pomade in my hand. Then run it through my hair. But the small piece only goes through the first 2 seconds my hands run through my head.

Hmm, on another subject. I’m starting to regret choosing the freshman as our 3rd roommate. Why? because called me yesterday and started asking me stuff about food and asking what I could cook. And by the way he was talking, it sounded like he didn’t know how to cook and was hoping that I would cook for him. He asked me if i didn’t eat rice, and when I told him I cooked chinese food he asked me if I could cook american food( such as hot dogs and hamburgers). I told him I didn’t like to cook those that much, but I could. Then he started asking me why I don’t like to cook hamburgers.

This was the reason I gave him. In the lighthouse cafeteria, I usually cook hamburgers and other stuff. And I cook around 120 patties a night. Looking at how i cook hamburger meat makes me not like to cook it too much. And I don’t like grilled cheeses. A melt is okay, but only once every blue moon.

Then he asked me if I would cook him american food, and I told him he should have gotten a campus dining package so he could eat on campus. So anyways, I don’t think I will be able to have time to cook too much during this quarter. I looked at my schedule and it says “18 units”. So i’m going to be some fireworks going off this quarter.

Wow, after thinking about it. I must have come off kind of harsh on that fellow. But anyways, I think I got my point across to him. I might let him eat off of me, but I’m going to make sure he cooks his own food.

Oh, btw, I also will put up one picture right now.

I’ll figure out which ones to put up later.

If you’ve played world of warcraft, and watched Sherlock holmes in the 22nd century. you might get my joke I was telling vinesh. ” After using my eyes and brains, What’s left, however ever improbable is the answer. And because I see a pagoda, and in World of Warcraft Elves lived in pagoda, and because the pagoda is still here, and elves are not. I conclude that that the elves were defeated by the chinese.”

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