Life on a slow day

I took today really calmly. No need to worry about doing homework and studying. I decided to let my brain work half as hard. I keep on remembering how my roommate says “I see Andrew studying when I wake up, and I see him studying when I go to sleep, I think he just studies all day”. So that’s what I didn’t do today. Now I just try not to worry about my grades.

So as the day proceded, I went about doing all these household chores, and inbetween these chores I watched several movies. My auntie has a collection of movies and my mom had borrowed some from her. So today I ended up watching Shallow Hal, Meet the Parents, and Phantom of the Opera. Of those movies, I had only seen “Meet the Parents”. For some reason, my brain didn’t go brain dead as I watched all these movies. So after reflecting on what I saw in shallow hal, I made it a point to make sure that i treat everyone the same. So if you happen to be a supermodel, you won’t get any better treatment then a scary looking boogeyman(unless he starts attacking me), and it will have to take extra effort on my part to help people that might not be as attractive.

And after watching “Phantom of the Opera” it brought back all the lyrics from the opera to my head. And now I have the songs going through my head. And all the lyrics start flooding back in. I still can’t believe that Everett sang that song all the time, and I sang it too. So I remember most of the lyrics to “music of the night”,”The Phantom Of The Opera”, “Angel of Music”, actually i think i remember the lines to the whole opera. Anyway, I thought the movie was really good, but for some reason I started chuckling when they were at the ending because it’s funny listening to the Phantom try to yell a word then go into the song.

Finally, I had one of those random dreams. For some reason, I imagined my friends coming over to my condo and we sat around and played video games. We played Ikaruga, but I really sucked at the game.

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