Day 2: another day of household activities

Wow, my engineering teachers are grading machines, because I was online today to check my Cal Poly e-mail, and I see that some of my grades are up. So i take a look, and I see that all my engineering teachers had turned in their grades. And i’m ecstatic about my grades, because I was worrying about them, and they ended up at a good enough spot to put me off AP. I

Okay, after seeing that news, I felt really good for the whole day. So I then have to do some small concrete fixing in the front yard. The water had gone into some crevaces of the walk way and had make a little long crack along the path on the side. So I sat there for around an hour with my a little cup. Inside the cup was some quick cement mix. As I was mixing the mixture, I kept on getting cement on myself.

So about an hour later, I was about done, but there was still a little bit left to fix. But I decided to have some fun, because I had seen that bugs could crawl out from the crack, so I decided to throw some water in to see if i could get the whole ant army to start crawling out and running to the other side. After putting in around a quart of water, the only thing that came out was a little bug. I was kind of devastated, because I wanted to see the ant army come out, and then cover up its little hole as they all started charging out.

Then later in the day, I was bored again, so I decided to learn some French, because the movie “Phantom of the Opera” was also dubbed in French. So I sat there and watched movie, and watched the three songs I knew the best over several times. So I kind of have some french words in my mind, so most likely if I met a french girl, the only words I could say would be “phantom of the opera, sing my angel, and past the point of no return”. And those words won’t do too well for conversation.

Finally, I was tying to vinesh on AIM, and we were talking about how we should write something for the wikipedia. And i was surfing some random blogs, and I found this Warcraft 3 – AOE map mod Then we thought, we should write something for wikipedia, as long as we don’t make it up and lose our job like that man did.

I’ve been drinking some concoction for my throat and its working really well. My grandma told my mom to make a soup with chicken kidney,dates, dried tangerine peels, peanut, some chinese herb, and something else. It didn’t taste too good, but it tasted better then that don’t bite nail solution and nyquil.

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