life is all engineering

All my teachers talk engineering. I had my subsitute for thermodyanmaics and Dr. Locasio likes talking with a lot of analogies and stuff. He was talking about adiabatic expansion, and phase changes. So he was telling us how we all do heat transfer in our life. And i didn’t realize how when i touch a really hot bowl to see if it’s not, I’m doing heat transfer. Adiabatic, because I move so fast there is no heat transfer. Then he starts talking about carnot and how the french had all these good scientists…

Anyway, I was sitting in the library studying for fluids. I’ve been sitting in the same spot in the library for hte past 3 days. And i noticed that somebody left a can of soda in one of study cubicles. It had been there for 3 days. I think tomorrow. I will go and look to see if its there, because i’ve grown fond of it.

I think everyone sleeps in the library from around 2-4. I went to the library to do studying, and i saw 10 people sleeping in the study area. =). The good thing about it being spring is that when i finish studying at 7:00, the sun is still out. So I get to enjoy the sunlight.

I saw this really cool aerodynamic car on the internet. Its call the aerial atom. download video My classmate found this video. Its so much more interesting, because i know what is happening and why it runs so well as it does.

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