last night

So yesterday was resting day. And today is going to be go sit in hte library and study with my classmate before we get blown out of our boat in intermediate dynamics class. Our grade in the glass is talking in water and sinking. =O. That sucks.

On a brighter note, last night I went and saw star wars with Evan and his roommates. I liked it a lot, because the special effects looked really nice and there was more character plot for anakin skywalker. We went at around 6:45, and we were afraid that it would be all sold out. So when we got there we were happy to see that the movie had not sold out. There were plenty of seats inside. Upon leaving the place, we saw a long line for the next showing of star wars.

Hmm, the lady at the parking booth was really nice to us. We were sitting in Evan’s car and he was trying to find his ticket at the gate. He was looking all around in his wallet, and the young lady said “its alright”, and let us out. That was so nice, then we found the parking ticket in his wallet later.

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