Knocked out

I thought I went to sleep late last night. Guess not, because when I went to my lab this morning at 8am. There were 4 people asleep in the lab. (There were a total of 8 people in the room, 3 of them where from another lab). Both of them had pulled an all nighter in the lab. So there they were asleep on the lab benches as I walked in.

As for our bot, it has one sensor that is working. So it spins around until it sees a light at a certain threshold. I think we are calling it the Cyclops, becuase it looks like it has a big eye on its head. Then using the paper plate, we made something that looked like a bonnet and put it over its head to lower the amount of light it was getting from the ceiling.

My drive home was rather uneventful. But I did go off on a street in Paso Robles, because I had to get gas, but the gas was much more expensive then the gas around the area should be. I think at least 15 cents more. So I drove through the inner streets looking for the gas station at the next exit. According to my logic, I just drive on a street that goes parallel to the freeway, and I’ll eventually run into a gas station and onramp. Which I do find.

I hate rubberneckers, they added an extra hour to my commute. I was stuck in traffic all the way from south, south fremont, to sunol on 680. It was frustrating, I wanted to go ghost riding at the speed I was moving at. Because it was getting boring sitting in the car watching traffic slowly go buy me. So I played a game with myself in the car. I tried to predict what the people around me were doing. Then I would look to see if I was correct. The easiest person to see was the guy behind me in bumper to bumper traffic. So I would try to guess what he did next a lot.

Tomorrow, I’m going to the car show.

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