Ka Pow

I’ve lost most of what I want to say today. But I was practicing the skit with other people at Kaci’s house. What I don’t feel comfortable doing is opening doors to girls houses. I could hear them in the garage, and thank goodness some girl was coming into the house also. So I just walked in after her.

During the skit practice, we have so much fun, I think Jeff got hit by a stick, when Tobias came used it instead of the towel. You heard this giant pop. Then Ricky did his “evil villian” laugh, and I just dropped down laughing.

Vinesh was teaching me some history of rap. So I figured out that E-40 and ghostriding are from the bay area rappers. I was going to go ghostride at Johnny’s place on johe lane, because there is this long private road where you have to go at 5mph. I could get out and just start dancing with the car as it goes down.

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