Back @ CalPoly

I’m back to finish off this quarter with some fireworks. Going home for thanksgiving just rejuvinated me with energy, so now I think I can unleash the machine inside of me and out work my classes till the end of the quarter. I hung out with Vinesh yesterday.

We went to Rosenbrock’s parents house in CV, because he and his girlfriend were making him dinner (Vinesh made them invite me, so I can along to hang out with Cassie and Matt). When I walked into their house I got antsy when I saw their dog, because my cousin and neighbor have a dog that looks very similar to them. And both of their dogs were not that well trained yet, because they were still young (6 months) or something like that. These are those fun excited dogs that like to jump people. But this dog didn’t jump me, it just licked me all over. We ended up playing hearts and talking all night until midnight. Matt was really nice, he made us all drink water after we drank the mudslide(I didn’t know what it was when he offered me one), it looked like an ice cream shake but tasted like alcohol. (Vinesh and I both thought it had too much alcohol in it, because I didn’t really taste the ice cream much)

Somehow, I survived for another 3 hours, becuase Edris came over and we ate chicken pot pie, and watched sports until the early morning.

I think all my friends went with their dad’s to the auto show. Because we were all talking about the cars we saw there, especially the tesla roadster. V nicknamed it the “Oil Company’s nightmare car”, and I wonder if I should go and convince the engineer I knew from my internship to try to do that car entreprenuer program again.

I will need to pick up some more hours at work, to pay for some of those bills I will be running up.

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