Jaime’s Birthday


So for Jaime’s 30th birthday, she rented out the Stable Café. Smile with tongue out. That place is really pretty, so to help her out. I bought and set up a PVC photobooth.


The theme of the night was bold colors. So I wore a yellow shirt and yellow boat shoes. Smile While Sherri was all hot in pink. She really had a great time, so she was wearing her favorite dress.


There were a lot of cool people there.


My roommate Chosen was there, so we took some pictures together. And I also met Eric and his new girlfriend Sherril. Which is sherri with a L at the end.


There is the photobooth. I put up my black cloth, and I brought the Jamie Fat Head. The only good picture I found of her was from my birthday party. She was wearing a wonder woman costume that day.



As for food, she had a lot of home cooked meal. Like Kalua pork and a couple other things. Smile Chocolate, veggie platter, a whole smattering of beer (a magnolia growler) and her parents brought a good selection of wine. Smile 


Here is another picture of the night, with the photobooth all working. We were using an ipad app.Smile


The patio area was really awesome, however it was kind of cold so we all sat under one heat lamp.

Overall, I was really happy with this party. It didn’t have the dancing that I was hoping for, but I loved it still. Met a lot of Jaime’s friends, and talked with a whole lot of them. Going to things like these, makes me want to live in the city. Sad smile

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